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Be sure to review our artwork guidelines to ensure you're setting your files up for the best print quality possible! Need some help? Give us a call or fill out the form here!

Please provide files in the following types: 

Preferred - .jpg, .tiff, .png

• .pdf

• .eps (Flattened and Font converted to outlines)

• .ai (Adobe® Illustrator)

• .ind (Adobe® InDesign) Please package with supporting images and fonts 

• .psd (Adobe® Photoshop)

Image Resolution



File Setup

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Color Modes

All files are printed in CMYK color format.

• Convert all files before submitting to CMYK. *Please note that files sent in RGB color mode there will be a gamut shift in final printed colors.

• If you need a specific Pantone Color (PMS) we will print the Pantone bridge provided CMYK counterpart on your project requested materials.

• We offer Color Matching services for an additional charge, but this will ensure your final product / print will meet your desired expectations.

• Please avoid significant gradients, transparencies and blending effects if possible as this can pose issues when enlarging your graphics to final project output size.


Submitting your Files

• Please work with your LUXE representative to provide you with a project folder link on our shared drive to upload your print files when ready or email for a project folder link.

• If you have a preferred file transfer software that your company uses please provide your LUXE representative with the link to download your files.

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